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linky links January 28, 2007

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Although it doesn’t look like it, I have been added a considerable amount of blog links.  I need to work more on the blogs written in Turkish, but I can say that I have a fairly comprehensice list of the Turkish blogs written in English.


3 Responses to “linky links”

  1. keda Says:

    hi, i just found you through carpetblogger. i have been living here in istanbul for 13 years and blogging for 3. it’s great to see so many links to turkish blogs in one place. and such interesting discourse …

    but where did you go??

  2. Barry Says:


    Your blog is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in Turkey. We’ve just started a blog about living in Fethiye. It’s called ‘Turkey’s For Life’

  3. This is very nicely done blog. I am looking for similar related blogs as yours, can you direct me ?

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