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GV Posting-Turkey is Typing: Food Blogs October 8, 2006

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Welcome to the Turkish food blogs edition. Today I would like to cover what I see is the top 10 of Turkish Food blogs in Turkish and English. As of today I have discovered 72 blogs devoted to the wonders of Turkish food, (I am working on compiling a list here) but I suspect that I have only found the tip of this iceberg.

1. Winning the award for the “Most Popular” site is Portakal Agaci (TR)(Orange Tree). This site is an amazing resource as it not only focuses on giving fantastic recipes, but meal planning as well. Although this site is in Turkish, its usefulness is not lost on the English speaker.

2. The award for the “Best Group Food Blog” goes to Mutfaktakiler (TR)(Those that are in the Kitchen), which is about to celebrate its one year anniversary. The blog is in Turkish, however the author’s sites are dual language.

3. There is a three-way tie for “Best Dual Language Food Blog”, our first winner is Yogurtland: excellent translations of everything and wonderful tips about different Turkish foods

Most of you who has been reading this site might have realized that we, Turks, do not use a lot of spices but usually include another taste-enhancer in our dishes: red pepper paste. Very easy to make, this red pepper paste can be used in nearly every casserole you can think of. You can surely buy it from a Middle Eastern Store or online, but if you have a chance to buy these type of red peppers, I’d suggest trying making them home.

4. Second in our list of “Best Dual Language” is Ober Kedi (Glutton Cat) the focus of this blog is more on food tips than recipes, although I drool each time I look at her deep fried fish recipe.

5. Binnur’s Turkish Cookbook is the third on our list of “Best Dual Language Food Blog”. Binnur’s Cookbook definitely gets my vote for the best organized and functional of the food blogs with categories on all food types and meal planning ideas.

6. Winner for the “Most Innovative Use of Technology” goes to Devletsah (TR) which podcasts all of the directions to the recipes it uses.

7. “Best Photography” goes to Evcini (TR)(House Genie), while the majority of the food blogs do their own photos and are of a great quality, Evcini takes my vote for tops.

8. The award for “Best Coverage of Other Food Blogs” goes to Cafe Fernando who focuses on some of the amazing work other bloggers have been doing as well as discussing the history and culture surrounding his culinary exploits. I highly recommend his post “five things to eat before you die”.

9. “Best Explanation of Turkish Food Culture” goes to Zen in the Kitchen which has been through several encarnations….from a food class, to a book, to a Turkish language blog and now to an English language blog. I recommend her post explaining what makes a Turkish breakfast unique.

10. “Best Sweets Site” goes to Pastaci (TR)(The Baker), just a quick glance at this wonderful site and you will understand why I had to include this one on the list.

There is our list of the top ten Turkish food blogs, please visit my new site Turkish Blog Count for a more extensive list.

And keeping with our theme of offering interesting links each week, I bring you our runner’s up.
1. Ekmek Kokusu (TR)(The Smell of Bread), an excellent site focusing on bread recipes.
2. Caysaati (TR)(Teatime), another sweet site.
3. Yemek Gunlugun (TR)(My Daily Food), is an excellent site with complete meal plans.


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  1. Just want to thank you for keeping at this and say how much I appreciate your clear and comprehensive comments. I missed the Richmond connection in the original Nation article. Really do hope and expect that someday soon we’ll be reading your work, or something comperable, in the RTD. In the meantime, I’m glad we can read it here.

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